Our Weekly Programme


  • Bible Study: 8:45 hrs
  • Main & Vernacular Service: 10:00hrs
  • Evening Service: 17:00 hrs


Bible Study: 18:00 hrs


Prayer Meeting: 8:15 hrs


African Christian University (ACU), operating under a group of Reformed Baptist Churches in Zambia, is committed to glorifying God, our sovereign Creator, displaying His grace through love in serving the church and larger community by equipping students

to whole-heartedly serve God through developing the spiritual, physical and intellectual gifts that He has given them.

We affirm that all knowledge, to the highest levels, begins with a true understanding of God in relation to mankind, and that knowledge is based on one’s re-creation through Jesus Christ from serving oneself in pride to serving God in humility, resulting in loving your fellow man in word and deed. Fruitful knowledge requires discerning truth from error, freeing one to push the highest boundaries of investigating and discovering the knowledge of God and His creation. Fruitful deeds require disciplined labor integrated with intelligent application of resources to address fundamental needs and challenges of neighbor, community and nation.

ACU Zambia

ACU Approach

The goal of ACU is to equip every student through a mentor-cohort approach with the basic truths, knowledge and abilities that allow learning and advancement of skills individually and in unity with others in any discipline of study, interdisciplinary application or technical vocation, thereby preparing individuals to excel in the wholeness of life. Biblical discernment practiced through studies across history, cultures and disciplines sharpens grammar, rhetoric and logic skills to the highest academic standards. Integrating astute labor in various professions, services and technical vocations most relevant to African developmental needs combined with the exercised ability to self-teach through study and investigation produces servant-leaders able to innovate benevolent treatment of Africa’s deepest needs. Visit the ACU Zambia Website for more details about ACU


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