The men's fellowship is a ministry to all the men of the Church, young and old, seeking to accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. To equip men to find their place in the service of the Lord in the Church in active participation.
  2. To reach out to the unsaved men with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. To equip men to understand their roles as leaders in the homes and function to please God.
  4. To equip men to be leaders in the Church, community and the nation in order to influence society with moral uprightness.
  5. To integrate the young men in the roles of leadership in the Church
  6. To assist those men, young and old, that need help in particular areas of ministry involvement and refer to the elders as necessary.
  7. To visit male members of the Church tha need encouragement in the time of bereavements, illnesses, spiritual and physical challenges faced in our day to day involvement.


The men’s fellowship meets at least once a quarter. The meetings normally take place early in the morning at 07:00 hours and have the following activities:

  • Presentation from a selected topic by a chosen speaker for the meeting
  • This is followed by open discussion by way of questions and answers.
  • The men then share a breakfast meal, during which time they continue in the discussions in groups.

All the men of the Church from about 18 years and above are eligible to attend the meetings.

The ministry also allows for special meetings to look at specific topics or issues that may arise in the course of the year.

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