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On Saturday 16th September, 2017 the youth (and a few not-so-young people) gathered at LBC for the annual youth rally. This years theme: "Are there any reformed youth today?" Elder Chikondi Phiri was tasked with helping the youth answer that question.

To answer this question Elder Phiri posed two more questions to the youth in his sermons. Firstly, what does it mean to be reformed? Before the Reformation, Roman Catholicism had been the dominant form of Christianity and had been since about the 4th century. Through the Reformation it pleased the Lord to bring back doctrines and practises that were biblical. To answer his first question Elder Phiri took the youth through Isaiah 6. From these verses of scripture we learned two things about someone who is truly reformed.
(i) one who is truly reformed beholds the greatness of God, gets overwhelmed by it and is changed by it and
(ii) is someone who experiences the grace of God gets overtaken by it and is ultimately changed by it. During this sermon Elder Phiri also gave us three reasons why we are reformed. We are reformed because of the reformation legacy. We are reformed because of our belief in and experience with reformed theology. We are reformed because of our desire to continue reforming according to the Word of God. Semper Reformanda!

Secondly, what does it mean, in practice, to be a reformed youth today? In the second session of the sermon Elder Phiri looked at the practical implications of being reformed. He preached on what it means to be reformed youth in the church; it means taking up a prophetic role in a local church: sharing the gospel, building up and encouraging others, sharing reformed doctrines with believers from non-reformed circles, be willing to suffer for Christ, engaging with the elders and pastor of the church. It means reformed youths should be willing to take up a priestly role: active participation in church activities, praying, engaging in gospel centred topics and not gossip about the fleeting pleasures of this world.

Young people also have a kingly role the church: We have to effectively fight our 3 enemies: The world, the flesh and the devil. We need to be aware of the 3 enemies tactics. We are to fight worldly friendships as bad company corrupts good morals, we are to be careful with the use of our tongues, we are to exercise self control, we are to treat the opposite sex as brothers or sisters in Christ with holiness and purity, we are to exercise stewardship over the resources God has given us. We are to be spent by the God, to bring glory to Him.
From 1 Timothy 4:12, elder Phiri gave five areas for the reformed youth to work through: Speech- Mathew 12:34-37, Ephesians 4: 25, 29 & 31. Conduct- Titus 2:10, 1 Peter 1:15. Love- John 15:13. Faith- 1 Corinthians 4:2. Sexual Purity- 1 Timothy 3:2.

The sermon came to a close with these two points: Christ is the example for the youth and we are to look back and admire the work of Jesus Christ as a prophet!
Along with the sermon, the day was packed with a bible study session, singing of hymns, sharing of poems, testimonies and songs. There was also good food that was thoroughly enjoyed. (Link to pictures)

With that said, are there any reformed youth today?

LBC has a vibrant youth ministry which seeks to cater for young people of various ages. Through the youth ministries, we encourage our young people to develop a personal relationship with Christ and develop friendships with each other. Youth Ministry Encourages and Develops Youth as Leaders to create, train and empower the youth to become leaders in not only the youth groups but to take an active role in worship and to participate in the administration of the various ministries of the church.



Elbicites, is our ministry to students in higher institutions of learning. At the moment we have a ministry to six tertiary education institutions: UNZA, NRDC, NIPA, Evelyn Hone College, UNILUS and ZCAS.

It is our intention to develop a vibrant evangelistic and didactic ministry to colleges and universities through out the city and beyond-places where we believe God will raise a new generation of leaders for the church and state of tomorrow. In our bid to carry this vision forward, we have recently appointed Mr Lukonde Makupe and mandated him to commit a great portion of his time to this work. Please pray for him as he, under God, labours to develop this ministry.

Ministry Objectives:

To reach out to children at LBC and neighbouring households with the message of salvation through child tailored programmes on Saturdays.

  • Ministry holds activities every Saturday afternoon at the Lubu School (the school has a child friendly arrangement with enough play space and facilities)
  • The age group mainly is categorised according to school grades i.e. from grade Zero up to grade 8.
  • The group is divided into two i.e. grade Zero to grade 4 and the Pre-teen class (grade 5 to grade 8)
  • Target group is from the Church children and beyond.

Main activities:

  •         The children and teachers always meet at 14 hours at Lubu School and activities end at 16 00 hours
  •          Before they separate children gather in the tent to sing songs and roll call is done there
  •          The ministry activities depend on the children involvement, parents, teachers and God. We covet your prayers daily to see that children are ministered to effectively.



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